Bavarian Lions Cup 2012 - Richter


Barbara Kuen

I have been working with Gundogs for approximately twenty years. My passion for the sport started with our first Gundog, the family pet Pepper (Hallbent Dorabella), a determined Flatcoated Retriever. A second Flatcoat followed (Rondix Green Matuka).

I then discovered my first Labrador, Dolbrenin Sian. Sian introduced me to Open Trials and I have been trialling at Open Level since. A litter of puppies from Sian created my affix of Dipplelodge. I am currently competing with Dipplelodge Bronte, Dipplelodge Pippin, Waterford Gamble of Dipplelodge and Suthcharic Hudson.

I run successful training classes throughout the summer months at a local English Estate, which are immense fun.
I have been judging for a number of years and I currently hold ‘B’ Panel status on the Kennel Club List of Field Trial Judges.

In addition, I am the current Gundog Advisor to the CLA Game Fair. 


Michael Brühl

In den letzten 20 Jahren bestimmten Retriever mein Leben. Begonnen hat alles mit einem 3-jährigen Golden der ein neues Heim suchte. Gleich zu Beginn war mir klar, daß ein Hund in dieser Grösse ausgebildet werden muss und damit ging es los. Ich lernte Dummies kennen, erfuhr viele Dinge über Apportieren, wurde Jäger und erfuhr viele Dinge über den Einsatz der Retriever als Jagdhund.

Zurzeit leben bei mir ein Labrador und ein Golden. Meine Hunde wurden immer aktiv in die Jagd einbezogen, auf jagdlichen Prüfungen vorgestellt und nehmen an Workingtests teil. Seit 2009 bin ich als Verbandsrichter für den DRC tätig, 2010 wurde ich als Jagdrichter auch für Workingtests ernannt. Für die Einladung als Richter bedanke ich mich herzlich und wünsche den Teilnehmern des Bavarian Lions Cup 2012 eine erfolgreiche Prüfung und viel Suchenglück.


David Field (Artistryn Gundogs)

My name is David Field, I am married with two daughter’s. One is a lecturer in animal welfare and management, the other a qualified Veterinary nurse and animal behaviourist.

My parents have bred and showed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, for forty years. My father has judged them all over the world, including Crufts in 2007.

I chose in my early twenties to leave the show ring for a while and started training gundogs. I have competed in Field Trials for a number of years and have been lucky enough to win with a number of dogs, mainly Labradors but including a Golden Retriever.

My ambition was to breed, train and handle one of my own dogs to Field Trial Champion status, which I achieved with FTCH Artistryn Jay.

I decided two years ago to make training dogs and their handlers into my full time profession. I now have dogs in for training, taking them to either top class shooting dogs, or competition dogs, depending on the client’s wishes.

I am only running one dog at the moment, (due to my work commitments with clients and their dogs). Zeus is just two years old, but he won his novice, last year and will hopefully be competing well at open level this year.

I have a couple of young dogs just starting their training, and I am trying to put together a small kennel of working Flatcoat retrievers, who will hopefully, be capable of competing at all levels.

I have been judging for many years, and am on the “A” panel and enjoy watching all types of dog work. I have judged abroad in several countries, an experience I find rewarding and enjoyable.

William Rostron

I have been interested in field sports most of my life and coming from a farming back ground we always had dogs around. I started shooting when I was old enough to hold a gun.
I got interested in field trials in the late 80's and won my first novice trial mid 90's. I became field trial secretary of LMFTS in the 90's and Chairman of the URC Northern. 
I started Judging in 1996 and became a panel judge some years later.
Zolt Török

All my life I have a strong bond to the shooting and to everything what have connection for this sport and lifestyle. After the university, I worked as a gamekeeper and professional stalker than I was a sporting agent and now I am working for the Hungarian government to check and advise the gamekeeping in county Pest around Budapest in Hungary. In this more than 20 years career there are always gundogs around me. Although, I am not a professional gundog trainer but I am training my dogs and clients dogs on every days.

I had my first gundog - a Germen Wirehaired HPR - from my parents when I was 16 (now I am in the 40th). In the last 9 years I have only Labrador retrievers. During this time I was with my labs 18 times on competitions (Working Tests and Field Trials in Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and United Kingdom) and I had the first place 7 times until now. My best dog at the moment is FTW Blackthorn Grus who is 3 years old now.

With these successes and social respect behind me I got the chance from the Hungarian Kennel Club to be a retriever judge in 2011 spring time. This is my first judging abroad, many thanks for the kindly invitation of the Bavarian Retriever Club!

I am looking forward to spend two days in the spring Nature to test our fabulous breed and their handlers in similar situation like on a shooting day.

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